Cheerleading Coordinator

Jessy Sauer
Cheerleading Coordinator
Phone: 716-713-6465


2017 Competitions TBD

Cheerleading Coaches

Pee Wee

Head Coach, Samantha Grady:


Head Coach, Daniel Welshans: - 716-984-2193

Assistant Coach, Heather Lorenzo


Head Coach, Shelly Ferullo: - 716-491-3588


Head Coach, Jessy Sauer: - 716-713-6465


Pee Wee Freshmen JV Varsity
Maximum League Age: 7 9 11 14

*Age and divisions will be the same as in football. With exception that if a girl is age eight, but entering the 4th grade, she may move up to the freshman division., if she is age 10 and entering the 6th grade, she may move up to the JV division and if she is age 12 and entering the 8th grade she may move up to the Varsity division.